Tips for Finding the Right Venue

Getting the venue right for your event can mean the difference between success and failure. When choosing a venue, whether it’s a large conference, a product launch or a corporate dinner, there are lots of things to consider. Here’s our top five tips for choosing the perfect venue for your next event.

1. Location

The venue location is everything. It is the heart of the plan. You will need to think about the transport links to the location, whether or not there are railways close. It should have good transport links, parking space nearby and accommodation if it’s a multi-day event. It’s also important to take into consideration where your guests will be coming from, and ensure that the location is somewhere that makes sense for the bulk of your guests, as well as being a desirable area.

2. Size

The venue size and capacity must be just right; being too small will create crowding and unhappy guests; whilst being too big will give a sense of emptiness and can appear as though the event was unsuccessful. Most venues should have capacity numbers for all their rooms, aim to be just slightly under the capacity limit, but never over and never far under, this should be kept in mind as a general rule.

3. Layout Options

Whether you are hosting a drinks reception, conference meeting, product launch or conference presentation, ensure the venue has experience and plans in place to cater for your desired style and seating arrangements. Always ask if they have capacity for your desired seating plan, and check whether they have images of the venue when is dressed in your preferred style. It all helps to ensure the format will match your expectations.

4. Menu

You know what they say; food is the way to a mans/women’s heart. Great food and drink will stick in your guests’ minds. Whether it’s canapés, a sit down meal or a drinks reception, ensure that’s you have something available for everyone. Be sure to remember that not everyone will be drinking alcohol too, provide non-alcoholic alternatives, and also remember to offer vegetarian alternatives to meat dishes, as well as catering for those with food allergies if required.

5. Date and Time

Checking whether there are any huge commercial events around the time you are planning yours can really help boost your attendance rates. Ensure that your guest will be available by checking industry events too.

These are just a few of the important points to consider when choosing a venue. Finding the right venue can be difficult, but the stepping-stones we have provided should help you on your way. If you would like further help with finding a venue or event organizing in general, please contact us, we are happy to help.