7 Reasons Why Technology Will Become More Important for Events

When it comes to organising an event, there is a lot of planning and many hours of hard work that go into it. So, if an event fails to get engagement from it’s audience, any resources used in the organisation of it will have been rendered useless. With that in mind, if you want your event to succeed it requires interaction from the audience. Without this participation and the interaction created by using technology, you’ll find that the event will fail to complete its overall objective – to positively influence and reach its audience. ______________________________________________________________________________

As the events industry starts to grow and develop technology will start to become even more important for events. Here’s why:

1. Leads to an Interactive (Therefore Successful) Event

Making an event interesting and engaging for delegates is one of the way that an event is deemed successful. If your guests are bored throughout and are thinking of nothing but what they’re going to have for dinner, you’re doing something wrong! But with help of technology, even more and more companies will be able to make their events social, attractive and interactive. For example, creating an app is the perfect way to keep everyone connected during your event and to keep engagement up.

2. Easier to Convey the Message of the Event

Technology is one of the best ways to get your message across during your event, and as the event and tech industries continue to develop, more and more people will have the ability to access and interact with your event. That will then make the experience more enjoyable for your delegates and make it easier for them to follow along and understand the true message of the event.

3. Helps Broaden Audience (Target)

In today’s society technology is becoming ever more popular – there’s an app for everything! So why not take advantage of that fact? Not only does it make your event interactive, it’s a great way to expand your target audience and wider the consumer dynamic. Tech allows you to promote to up to ten times as many people as you would if you were to go about handing flyers and poster out (plus you won’t need permit). An added benefit is that you’ll be increasing your brand awareness at the same time.

4. To Build Lasting Relationships/Makes Networking Easier

During your event you’ll want to keep your guests entertained and engaged. If you don’t, you can count on them never returning again. And as technology continues evolving, people will expect your events to as well. Want to improve your brand’s image? Then it’s important to follow the latest trends in using technology during events. By having a simple app that is tailored to your event, it will leave that lasting impression on delegates and make the networking aspect easier. With everything linked to social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, delegates can stay connected during events and build long lasting relationships. 

5. Cuts Out Human Error

The most common way to gather and store data, such as information about attendees, speakers, guests and engagements, is via spreadsheets. However, even the most meticulous of event planners can stumble across errors when maintaining a number of different spreadsheets. With technology and newly developed software, you can systemise your data and ensure everything is accurate, up to date stored in a secure destination.

6. Time Saving/Money Saving

We’ve all heard the saying ‘time is money’, so whether you are wasting time figuring out the statistics of your event or you’re paying for someone else to do it, we could all do with a way to plan and organise your event in the most efficient way. Technology is the way forward! There are a range of different software and applications that you can use to gather your information, giving you plenty of time to decide on the colours of your event banners!

7. Social Media Platforms/Email Marketing Automations Will Be the Way Forward for Advertising and Marketing

Advertising your event on social media is also growing ever popular and with the ability to customise your marketing to suit your event. As the backbone of any event, a good social media campaign will spread brand awareness and allow attendees to find all of the details about the event, right at their fingertips.

Contrary to popular belief, it’s all about emails again. With the development of marketing automation, you now have the opportunity to contact a number of potential attendees in a more personal manner (and now it’s a lot less laborious). ______________________________________________________________________________

Year after year technology is developing and the same goes for events. Little by little, newer technologies are being introduced into the event industry and will continue to do so. So jump on the train while it’s still early enough and you’ll see why technology is going to become even more important in events.

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