6 Key Ideas for Event Success

There is no definitive formula to successful event, there are so many factors to consider when you are planning your own. BUT, there are some key ideas that will set a foundation for success, and we have 6 great ideas on how you can ensure your event is something you can be proud of.

Start Early

The more time you have to plan an event, the better. For large events you should plan five to six months in advance. For smaller events, one to two months is reasonable. However, you should do some research in order to find out if you r event date is the same as larger events in the area, as this can dramatically effect availability. Also, try to finalise everything including venue hire and entertainment a month or 2 in advance. Just to allow you a second chance at finding alternatives if any of the contracts fall through.

Make it Social

Events are the perfect opportunity to connect with your clients. Speaking publicly is a great way to harness your client’s social media presence. Ask for Twitter names on the sign in form so that you can interact with your guests. Create a hashtag for the event and encourage attendees to tweet while using it. Post pictures of the event on the company blog or Facebook page and allow guests to tag themselves.

Create an Event Manual

You can plan for months and prepare for anything, but the day of the event will almost always be hectic and something that needs many hands to manage. Put together a simple binder with all of your vendor contracts, extra copies of the floor plan, and a cheat sheet of contact information for easy reference. This will mean that those who are helping manage the event know who everyone is and where everything is too.

Include Dynamic Visuals

An amazing slideshow really does make a world of difference, especially in a beautiful venue or garden event. In order to promote more events and keep the buzz for this one, you need visuals, as they really will engage and stimulate your guests and future attendees. Slide shares are simple to put together, and very effective to use.

Take Pictures

Pictures are the best way to illustrate an event’s success. If you do not have a budget for a photographer, assign a team member to the task and equip them with a high-quality camera. For many clients, if there’s not a picture of it for the recap, it didn’t happen. Pictures are a very important way of commemorating and recapping your event. Arrange for your photographer to send you a few choice photos that you can upload immediately.

Send Recap

While your client is still excited from your event, send them a recap email. It is natural to want to kick back after an event is over, but sitting back isn’t going to create any momentum, first send a recap, a thank you or an update to your guests after an event. This allows your event to resonate with your audience. Then, once you have gotten their attention, you should ask them how they think it went.

Ask for Feedback

A successful event is only as successful as the guests make it. So, if nothing went wrong but your guests didn’t enjoy it, then, I’m afraid your event was unsuccessful. So, the final idea of creating a successful event is feedback. It’s the most important and most gratifying.

Let us know if you have any more great tips, in the comments below and if you enjoyed this article, let us know what you liked the most. Thanks for reading!

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