5 Tips & Tricks for Choosing the Perfect Meeting Venue

If you are new to events, or you have simply been put in charge of booking the meeting room for your next business meeting, there are some tips that will help you find the perfect meeting room, in a venue that you can be confident about. We have those tips here for you. 


The correct facilities at your venue really does create a smoother, more efficient event. Checking that all of the required facilities are available at your venue is important in ensuring a fluid and successful event. Check all technology is up to date and compatible with your devices. Check there are toilets nearby your meeting room and ensure that there is wheel chair access if necessary. Incorrect facilities can take your meeting a step back and waste the time of those attending, ensure all equipment is tested before your event begins.

Site Visit

A site visit is very important before booking the meeting venues, this will allow you to imagine your event, check all accessibility, you should also keep in mind the location when travelling to the venue, make sure it isn’t too far and difficult to find. A site visit allows a closer look into you venues and whether or not the spaces are large enough, where you will put your equipment and it will help draw out any questions that you may not have yet thought of asking, a site visit is a useful way of developing an all-round idea of what can be achieved.


Having the right staff can levitate the events success, having a dedicated events team at the venue means that the ins and outs of the event is taken care of, an event team will know the venue back to front and they will have experience in dealing with all hiccups and changes, staff on hand to help you with the organisation will be very helpful, ensure that there are staff available to accommodate lunch also if this is something you would like during your meeting.


Meeting venues can sound like they are meant to be boring, but the key to a successful event, whether you are getting right to business or indulging in pleasantries is engagement. Without fun, or edgy surroundings and visuals, your meeting is not going to be successful. For the perfect meeting room, try to choose a room that isn’t just four walls, break off areas, floor to ceiling windows, and entertaining visuals will make for a productive meeting, check whether you room has the potential to inspire your guests, this way you will get the most out of the room.


Once you have looked at some potential venues, comparing prices is an effective way to make a decision, finding a venue that offers all that you request and you are confident with their capabilities is great, but when you have a few venues that can do this for you, it all comes down to the cost. Venues sometimes have hidden fees, staffing may incur and additional fee, so always check what is included in the booking price.

When booking a venue, ensure that you have asked all of the relevant questions and give yourself some time to think about it. Look at other venues to see how they match up. We hope our tips can help you on your way. For further help booking your venue for a meeting or conference, check out our website search tool.