5 Things to Consider When Choosing Your Conference Venue

When choosing a conference venues, it is important to consider the 5 things written in this article, and with each decision you make ask yourselves whether your guests will be happy with your decisions and will what you have decided align with your event objectives. 

Location & Accessibility

Location is important, one of the most important in regards to getting a good turnout to your event. If the venue is too far away from where your guests live than your event will see a serious decline in RSVP’s. Finding a venue that is just a short drive from all your guests is the best way to ensure event success. Also, finding a venue with decent parking facilities goes a long way in guest satisfaction. From parking to the goodbyes, your guests are more cooperative when they are happy, so ensure this small detail has been taken into account when choosing your conference venue.


The size of the venues is definitely something important to consider when booking a venues, this could turn a great event into an okay event. Whether the conference room is too big or too small, the atmosphere and comfortability of your guests can be effected greatly. Finding the perfect fit for all of your guests means there will be no squeezing in and elbow touching and also no loss of atmosphere through a large and empty room. Consider the size of the room and whether you are going to section any area for a particular segment of the conference.

Date & Time

The time and date is of course very important to get right, it Is a great idea to do some research in regards to any events that might mean that hotel rooms will be fully booked In the area if guests will have to travel, also, the time and date will reflect what kind of event you are hosting, a weekday and mid-afternoon is always a safe way to ensure that you have most of your guests turn up to the conference.

Seating & Layout

Conferences usually consist of a presentation with much interaction, so if you are going to be inviting many people to your conference, it would be a great idea to ensure that your layout has a formation suitable for everyone to see your presentation, conferences do no usually include dinner, but if there is a lunch break and buffet, consider where it will be and if it is easily accessible. The venue layout needs to be cohesive with the event layout, ensure that this is something that you are considering when choosing your conference venue.

Food & Drinks

As I briefly mentioned in the last tip, considering catering when booking your venue is important, food is offer a mood boost and can be the key to attracting and keeping your guests going throughout your conference. Consider whether you are having your conference in the day, if so find a venue that provides lunch or if your conference is in the evening, a good in house caterer can be the perfect way to engage your guests.

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