10 Things You Need to Know Before Booking Meeting Rooms

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Making sure that you can afford the meeting room and that it wont make a huge dent in the company is always important.

Cancellation policy

You never know if something will happen and you have to cancel. Make sure you know that you can cancel and what it means if you do.


Is there a car park for your staff to park? or will you have to park down the road, Make sure you know and that the staff know


Have a look at the different rooms available, there could always be a smaller room more suitable for a cheaper price!


Different rooms can hold different things such as some rooms will have projectors and laptops others will just have chairs and a table.

make sure you know how you can pay and how much you need to pay. For example there could be a booking fee.


If some staff have to catch a bus or train is there a stop close to the venue or will they need to find another way?

Break area

Is there a room for the staff to go into for there lunch? No one wants to eat in the same room where they are working.


Are you in need of internet and does it come with a additional price? make sure you know all of this information


If you are having guests in the meeting you should always account for everyone, Such as a disabled entrance to the location.